Religious & Moral instruction

Value based moral education is provided to all students as a part of the curriculum. Provision for syllabus wise Islamic Studies for Muslim Students is a speciality of this institution.The students and staff use the campus mosque.

Computer Education

Computer Education is imparted from grade I to X, during the normal working hours.

Co-Curricular Activities

The School has provisions for various activities such as Music, Arts, Scouts,Craft, Dance, Yoga,Karate, Physical Education, Sports and Games. We have special talent search programmes to identify the dormant talents in children. Clubs like Science Club,Eco Club, Literary Club, Arts club, Quiz club etc are also functioning effectively.We have 3 fully digitalized Audio visual smart class room.

House System

To inculcate in the students a sense of belongingness and responsibility and help them to develop leadership qualities, the students from class I to XII are grouped to Houses. Each house has a House Captain (boy) and a Vice Captain (girl). Each house works under the guidance of a House Master and a House Mistress. Regular Inter-House competitions in Sports Literary and Cultural activities are conducted to give the students opportunity to develop their talents in a spirit of healthy competition.

Students Counselling

Professional experts trained child psychologists and counsellors are utilised in resolving emotional, psychological and career related problems of children. Parents are advised to seek the help and guidance from the school on child- related issues as and when required

Montessori Education

We have been following the Kinder Garten System over the years at the pre- school level.. which now changes to Montessori system and our teachers have undergone training at Montessori Teacher Training Centre of international repute at Tirur The Montessori Methods of education is perhaps, the most widely accepted system of child education for age group of 0 to 9 years of children. This method is designed so that the impetus of the holistic development of the child comes from the child himself/ herself. The child is the centre of education and the teacher is guide and observer in the process of learning. Environments are created in which the child's personality can be made to blossom and grow to its fullest potential. The Montessori system recognizes the crucial importance of a child's first six years of development. It is during this time that a child's power of absorption is the highest and the lifelong attitudes and patterns of learning are firmly formed. Children in this stage are to be respected as different from the adults and as individuals who differ from each other . The child in this stage possesses an unusual sentitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn from the environment unlike those of the adult both in quality and capacity. Admission to this section is on the basis of the age of the children and availability of accommodation in the school. Children within the age of 3½ - 4½ years as on 1st June of the year, are eligible for admission to Montessori Classes. Normally reservation of seats to this class commences from the middle of January every year.

Pedagogy Park

It is well set with all the amenities suitable to the age of kids. It imparts the basics of social life to the kids and helps their physical and mental growth


1. Conveyance to the school is available on the routes scheduled by the school authorities on payment of prescribed fees. Bus fee should be paid by the 10th of every month.

2. Parents have to make necessary arrangements to hand over and to receive their children in the bus stops concerned.

3. Students must travel only by the bus allotted to them. Change of bus on genuine reasons is possible only with the written permission from the shool authorites.


All parents/guardians are the members of the P.T.A. of the school. P.T.A. will foster cordial relationship among the parents, teachers and the management for the smooth functioning of the school and will advise and suggest the ways and means for the betterment of educational activities. All members of the P.T.A. are bound to obey the rules and regulations of the school and the decisions of the P.T.A., approved by the school Managing Committee.